Autobiographical Order No. 686: Super Furry Animals – Radiator

I once said that Super Furry Animals were the best Britpop band and I was only being half-facetious, and not because they're from Wales and not England. I saw them live, opening for Pavement (with Calexico! Hell of a lineup) back in 1999 at Canes (RIP) and I knew absolutely nothing about them—and they won... Continue Reading →

Autobiographical Order No. 683: Pharoah Sanders – Jewels of Thought

Another Pharoah Sanders record! And only one record away from closing out 2017. It feels appropriate that Pharoah is one of the final entries of this particular year, since I made a pretty serious deep dive into his catalog that year. I suppose after listening to more or less nothing but metal for four months... Continue Reading →

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