Autobiographical Order No. 219: Swans – The Seer

A triple album takes commitment. You have to flip that sumbitch five times! And it also means you probably want to plan to hang around for at least a couple hours to hear the whole thing. Now, me, I don't actually have that many triple albums, only around six maybe? (for some reason I've never... Continue Reading →

Progress Report: Third Quarter 2015

Another quarter down, and it's time for my periodic rankings of all the music I've listened to this year. In July I was up to 100 albums. This time, it's at 151. Now, it's actually higher than that, but basically I'm at a rate of 50 per quarter, so I should be up to 200... Continue Reading →

Progress Report: 1st Half 2015

The year is officially half over, and since I did an update after the end of the first quarter, I'm keeping up with my status with this progress report for the halfway mark. Last time I had listened to 48 albums, and now I'm up to 100. I've listened to more that haven't yet been... Continue Reading →

Best of my writing, May 2015 update

I try to periodically update this blog with some of the best writing I've done of late, and I feel like the last couple months have been pretty good for me, personally. I've profiled some great bands, done a few discographical surveys, taken a dive into some of the best albums and songs by some... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Autobiographical Order

Last week I noted that I'd be embarking on a new blogging project this year, and this is where it begins. Starting this week, I plan to write about my record collection in — wait for it — autobiographical order. Now, I can't take credit for the idea. For that I owe John Cusack's Rob... Continue Reading →

So, Did I Make It?

It's been almost six months since my last blog post — I've been busy. And forgetful. And any and all excuses you'll accept for my not being so productive in the blogging dept. And that means I never actually posted an update on my 300-album-review challenge for 2013. So, you're probably wondering, did he make... Continue Reading →

Summer/Fall Clipstravaganza

It's been a really busy five months, writing-wise, and I haven't posted any of my clips here in a while, so I'm doing a quick and dirty roundup of some of the best material I've written since June or so. Hoping to do this more frequently. The Top 25 Morrissey songs - American Songwriter Deafheaven... Continue Reading →

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