Autobiographical Order No. 677: Silver Apples – Silver Apples

I don't necessarily hold it against anyone for preferring newer music to the music that it was influenced by—so much has happened in the past 50 to 60 years of music that there are just more possibilities, access to more ideas, even better technology and recording techniques. But I also tend to think that there's... Continue Reading →

Autobiographical Order No. 673: Miles Davis – Get Up With It

I tend to think Miles Davis is a great artist to start with for anyone looking for a starting point in jazz. But there's a bigger question of which version of Miles Davis to start with. The easy answer is any of his early Columbia records, like Round About Midnight or Kind of Blue. Then... Continue Reading →

My 20 favorite live shows of 2017

Since the year's just about over and it's my birthday, I thought it'd be fun to highlight the best live sets I've seen this year. Here they are in alphabetical order. Algiers @ Soda Bar I didn't really want to include shows that my own band had participated in, but that would mean overlooking Algiers.... Continue Reading →

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