Autobiographical Order No. 513: Love and Rockets – Love and Rockets

Despite how much music I listen to and how much of my time, life and thoughts it consumes, you’d probably be surprised to know that I’m terrible at remembering lyrics. I mean, I actually write lyrics and I can never remember them. You kind of have to have to get some muscle memory working, the muscle in question being your brain (or your tongue), and with most music I like—and considering a lot of it is ambient/drone (which is instrumental), hardcore and metal (which is utterly indecipherable), or jazz (again, mostly instrumental)—there’s no need to focus your energy on lyrics.

That’s maybe oversimplification, but a lot of the time the sound of a record is more important to me than the lyrics. Considering I like a lot of bands like Cocteau Twins where the sound OF the lyrics is probably more important than the meaning, it’s not that odd to me. But I also love songwriters like Nick Cave, whose artistry is often in their ability to tell a story. That doesn’t mean I can recite them, though I did memorize “Papa Won’t Leave You Henry” once and that felt like the hardest workout I’ve ever done.

But a couple years ago I was driving my wife’s car and listening to Sirius XM and heard “So Alive” by Love and Rockets, and immediately started singing along. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve heard this song so many times, or maybe if it’s just because the lyrics are pretty simple, but I apparently internalized them all. Which makes me wonder why I haven’t done this at karaoke? It’s kinda strip-club goth, which also makes me wonder how often dancers have used this track? Probably not as often as “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” but it seems like an obvious choice.

I bought this record mainly because it has goth hits on it (“So Alive” and “No Big Deal”) and though it’s far from the band’s best (that’s Express), it’s still a pretty fun record.

tl;dr It’s catchy. And you can sing along to it!

Rating: 8.9

Sound Quality: Great

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