Autobiographical Order No. 201: Japandroids – Celebration Rock

Some bands just know how to pull off a great rock record. In fact, Japandroids has it more or less down to a science. Each of their albums is eight songs—enough to fit on a single LP, not too many to hurt the fidelity of the record. And each one is loaded with anthems. Surely many have argued that their new album doesn’t have as many anthems, but it’s still pretty rockin’.

Celebration Rock, though, is pretty unstoppable. Their single “The House That Heaven Built” ended up being the official anthem of the Vancouver Canucks, which is kind of crazy (but totally warranted! Imagine not feeling like you could conquer the world after hearing this…) And just about all of its songs are perfect or close to it. The one exception, which is a little ironic because I love the Gun Club, is their cover of “For the Love of Ivy.” It’s fine, just nothing special.

The rest though, damn. Not long after I picked up this record, on white vinyl no less (lookin’ good!), I spun it during one of our traditional sunday cleaning sessions. (Every sunday morning, we do a thorough cleaning of the house—it’s routine, it’s stability, it’s solid. Don’t rock the boat. It’s also necessary because we have two cats and they make a mess. Don’t let anyone tell you cats are “clean”.) By the end of the first side, my wife says, “Damn! Every song on this is a hit!” She’s not wrong!

I ended up picking this up with a gift certificate I got from winning a contest to guess the most frequently recurring 91X year-end list artists via my friend Adam’s Yer Doin’ Great blog. I don’t remember what I guessed. Red Hot Chili Peppers maybe? U2? Maybe it was The Cure, for the goth cred? Can’t remember. I do remember I got sixth place. Still enough to get me some new records. Not bad for winging it.

Rating: 9.3

Sound Quality: Great


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