Autobiographical Order No. 94: The Walkmen – You & Me

The Walkmen are one of those bands that I’ve always liked, and I always get excited when they put out a new album, and then sort of forget about for a while. It’s not their fault — all of their albums are pretty good, some even great. I just happen to get a lot of music sent my way, and sometimes that means a Walkmen album going back on my shelf for a while. And that’s okay.

It’s funny though, because in 2008, I was so smitten with this particular Walkmen album, You & Me, that I not only got a promo in the mail (on CD, of course), but I ended up buying it twice after that. The promo CD didn’t really work in my computer’s drive, because of some copy protection nonsense, so I paid $5 for a download. I forget who was running the promo, but I remember some of the proceeds went to a children’s cancer charity, so I felt that the money was well spent. But that wasn’t enough, apparently, and I had to buy the special red vinyl version. Can you blame me?

I listened to this album a lot in 2008, and I have a particular memory of putting it on during breaks from the presidential faith summit debate thing that John McCain and Barack Obama participated in during the presidential campaign. I don’t really know why I watched it, not being a man of faith myself and not really caring about the presidential candidates’ religious beliefs either. But the campaign was exciting, I suppose. I got caught up in it.

This album is quieter and more intimate than a lot of Walkmen albums — there’s nothing like “The Rat” here, and really, after that song, they never released anything that sounded like it again. You & Me is closer to a Beach House album than the post-punk style they were playing before, and it has a more romantic feel than any of their other records. That might have something to do with why I fell in love with it so quickly. It just feels special.

Rating: 9.0

Sound quality: Great

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